Bánh Mì – Beef


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A non-traditional version of Viet’s Banh Mi, Banh Mi Beef is a hit with Banh Mi’s fan. Read Xingwei and Calida’s review on Banh Mi Beef:

Usually only available with pork, but was whipped up special version with beef by the lady boss who makes the beef upon order. Really like the shattering crisp bread that carried some bite without crumbling down into a mess, also buttered for flavour. The meat was well-marinated and absolutely flavourful; savoury, yet tender and void of any gaminess, while the various greens help add texture and flavour contrast with cucumbers giving a crunch and coriander cutting through the meatiness of the sandwich. The chili padi provided a hint of spiciness when one bites on them; providing some kick as well. A pretty good rendition of the Banh Mi that I would not mind going for again!


it’s so so so good as compared to the commercial ones (no shade though). the bread is so buttery soft and fluffy chewy, yet crisp on the outside. inside it’s jampacked of yummy ingreidients, from the juicy tender beef slices that are so flavourful to the tart crunchy veges. i love how the contrasting tastes are able to complement each other so well i can’t even fully describe how satisfying this was :”) jk had the pork and broc bowl which was delicious as well, and even he as a “meh about bread” person found the banh mi to be exceptionally good :”)


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