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Que’s Original Mixed Beef Pho comes with 3 different beef cuts for additional textures and flavors and a flavourful meat ball. The broth consists with chicken bone, meat and beef simmered in low heat for more than 12hrs. The bowl is garnished with fresh herbs: cilantro, culantro, freshly chopped spring onion, slice white onion, mint, and sweet basil.

How to eat a Pho the Southern Vietnamese way: Add a lime, hoisin and sirachar sauce into the soup if it’s too light.

In the mood to pamper yourself? Try upgrade to Wagyu slices for the ultimate Vietnamese Pho’s experience.

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Close your eyes and inhale the distinct aroma that brings you right back to the unnamed Viet street back alley founded you, and then, a little more.

Add-ons for Pho Bo

Add Egg, Upsize Beef, No Herbs, No Add-on, Upgrade to Waguy Slices