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Tết is the single biggest celebration of the year for the Viets. Similar to local culture here in Singapore, it is the time when those live faraway would go back home to visit their hometown, parents, siblings and relatives. 

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Some of my earliest memory was following grandma to the village’s Chợ (wet market). Read more here

How “R&D” is done at 𝗤𝘂ê

As you could see, we have new dishes pretty often, usually they are something nobody ever heard before, especially in Viet cuisine. Many are curious where they come from. To answer that, we like to give an example of how making coffee was first done at Quê.

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Bún Chả Giò Quê The story (and the controversy) over a name

When Quê was first open for business in 2017, everything was very authentic. In the spirit of being a startup (lol!), the idea was to bring authentic Vietnamese food in higher quality, i.e. better meat, nicer fish sauce, homemade fried spring rolls, good beef etc to test as an MVP. The name of the dish was printed clearly in the menu, Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio.

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How-to series: How to enjoy a Bún (Thịt Nướng) Chả (Giò) Quê

Find out what’s the recommended way to enjoy this dish as demonstrated by Kyri #eatLikeKyri.

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Herbs in Viet cuisine

Herbs add soul and complexity to dishes. While most cuisines use herbs, they are extremely essential in Viet cuisine. Like the French’s, Viet cuisine is all about celebrating herbs and the elegant use of them in our food.

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